Client Testimonials:




Gregg Felsen is a true professional in every sense of the word.  He is pleasant, courteous, always on time and he takes great photographs.  He's a one-of-a-kind talent and I highly recommend his services.

Steve Pougnet, Mayor of Palm Springs, CA



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Gregg Felsen is a high quality photographer.  Whether it is a charitable event or a private party, when Gregg is on board documenting the occasion, we are always confident that there will be an impressive photographic record of the occasion.  We are delighted to have Gregg here in the desert.


Barbara Keller,  Humanitarian and Restaurateur



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Gregg Felsen has been a go-to photographer for Palm Springs life for the past five years.  We can always count on him to get the job done and he constantly surprises us with more than the expected results.

Frank Jones: Associate Publisher, Palm Springs Life Magazine


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I have always found Gregg Felsen to be a consummate professional.  He is a talent photographer and is extremely diligent in meeting client demands.  I would recommend him to photograph any event.

Josh Norton; Account Manager, WireImage/Getty Images


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As President of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, I met Gregg several years ago and he bacame the Chamber's official photographer.  I found him to be easy to work with, creative, passionate about his work, and always looking for unique images.  When the "Forever Marilyn" sculpture was on it's way from Chicago to Palm Springs in May, 2011, Gregg took the initiative to meet the truck  carrying the sculpture in Barstow, CA. , follow it the remaining 125 miles to Palm Springs, and capture stunning photographs along the way.  His photographic portrayal of that journey, of the assembly of the sculpture in downtown Palm Springs, and all the activities and festivities since it was unveiled on May 24, 2011 has been remarkable.  Gregg is a delight to work with and I highly recommend him.


Tim Ellis, Past President of Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, President of Palm Springs Hospitality Association, Vice President of the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, Vice President of P.S. Resorts, General Manager of Palm Mountain Resort; Palm Springs, CA.



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I have used Gregg for several years as a professional photographer to document the many car auctions and special events that our company produces. I have always been impressed by his ability to creatively capture the essence of the shows we produce.  I would highly recommend him for all types of photography.


Keith McCormick, President; Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions; Palm Springs,


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Gregg Felsen is an excellent photographer and gets my highest recommendation.  He is talented, creative, consistent, enthusiastic, extremely hard-working and gets the job done, no matter how difficult the assignment might be. I have watched him work extremely well in very crowded meetings as well as on challenging outdoor locations.  I have never seen him flustered on a job and he always is extremely polite, but insistent on getting the pictures he needs.

He photographed Lulu California Bistro "before it was born" and followed it into its highly successful opening. He has taken wonderful pictures that we've been able to use to great advantage on our website, in promotional materials, and in our TV commercials.  From the overall architectural shots inside and out to the much more difficult food shots, Gregg has always come through with flying colors.

Equally as important, he immaculately keeps his appointments and provides the finished photography on or ahead of schedule. In an emergency, he has always come through for me.  His enthusiasm for his photography is contagious and is demonstrated in every job he works on. His professionalism also shows in all the work he has done. He is truly a pleasure to work with and, to repeat, Gregg gets my highest recommendation.

Jerry Keller, Owner of Lulu’s California Bistro & Acqua Pazza California Bistro


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Gregg Felsen has been photographing events at the Palm Springs Air Museum for several years including the annual Palm Springs Air Museum Gala for the past two years.  In addition to Gregg being a pleasure to work with, his photography is exceptional and delivered back to the museum in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a first class professional event photographer.

Fred Bell, Managing Director, Palm Springs Air Museum


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Gregg Felsen is one of those photographers that you seem to see everywhere in the desert cities … from the fundraising galas of the Coachella Valley social season that are so important to area nonprofits … to Star dedications on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars … to City and Chamber of Commerce events … and everywhere in between.  It’s little wonder why you will often see his work on our website or Facebook page. He’s one of the best and Palm Springs is lucky to have his discerning eye behind the camera, capturing our important moments. The photographs he took for the 2013 “Dinner at My Place” series, hosted at a variety of locations by our generous donors, were spectacular.

Barry Dayton, Director of Marketing & Communications, Desert AIDS Project, CA


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Gregg is a great photographer who we engage for all our parties and events. He gets the shots, then quickly provides them to us so within hours we can share his amazing photographs with our friends and guest. Gregg is a local treasure.



Helene Galen and Jamie Kabler, Local philanthropists and community leaders


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I have known Gregg Felsen and he has been doing photography for me personally and for Loving All Animals since 2008.  He did an amazing and thorough job documenting the historic Loving All Animals spaying & neutering clinic at Duroville in January of 2010 and he has been my photographer of choice since then.  He also created amazing photo books about both my Palm Desert and Lake Arrowhead homes.  Gregg always creatively captures the essence of whatever events he photographs and he is a pleasure to work with. Many of his lovely photographs are included on the Loving All Animals website.



Lindi Biggi, Founder and President of Loving All Animals


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Gregg Felsen has been photographing special events at Smoke Tree Ranch for over four years.  Our staff and people attending functions appreciate his professionalism and his ability to creatively capture the essence of whatever event or special family occasion he is photographing.  He has the important and rare ability to get exceptional images without being intrusive and he always delivers the images to me in a timely manner.  He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Lisa Bell, General Manager, Smoke Tree Ranch


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Over the past four years, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism has worked with Gregg on photo shoots to promote the Palm Springs destination as well as numerous special events campaigns. Gregg is professional, always provides outstanding images, and follows up in a timely manner.



Hillary Angel, Public Relations Manager, Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism


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I was one of the first people to meet Gregg when he moved to the Desert from Minneapolis. His Midwestern work ethic impressed me immediately and is one of the reasons I use him and refer him to my friends.  When Gregg photographs me for magazine stories, charity benefits, promotional material, or my personal work I am always pleased.  Photographs are forever and they must always depict the best in every individual.  Gregg always makes that happen.


Janie Hughes, Director Palm Springs Walk of STARS


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In late 2012 Gregg Felsen approached our company with the idea of documenting the demolition of the buildings on the site of the long vacant Desert Fashion Plaza and the construction of the new buildings and Kimpton Hotel that will be built on the site over the next couple of years.  Gregg’s photos have been nothing short of spectacular and far more dramatic that we ever imagined.  At the site almost every day since mid-February 2013, Gregg has artistically captured every aspect of this important project.


Michael Braun, Senior Vice President, Wessman Development, Palm Springs, CA.


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Gregg Felsen has been our on-site photographer for the past two years.  His photography beautifully portrays Casa Monte Vista on our website and he has captured the essence of many events held on the property.  He is highly creative, easy to work with, and I highly recommend him.

Joe Luisi, Owner of Casa de Monte Vista in Palm Springs, CA.


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SONY DSC I have had the pleasure of working with Gregg for photos of our commercial buildings. I needed a variety of photos (day and night, with and without cars). Gregg was able to give me everything I needed and more. Even when I needed to get a couple of photos re-shot, he was able to get me what I needed in a timely manner. I am impressed at how Gregg can take a static item like a building and make it come alive in a photo. The quality of the images and his ability to beautifully capture features of the properties far exceeded my expectations.

Amy Smith, Vice President; CHARTWELL PROPERTIES, INC. Palm Desert, CA.


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SONY DSC I thoroughly appreciated working with Gregg Felsen Photography for my wedding. Gregg's attention to detail with each shot created beautiful photos. Every time I look at my wedding pictures, I remember different aspects of the day that thankfully were caught on camera. After the wedding is said and done there are only the photographs and memories that remain and Gregg Felsen bridged the gap between the two.

Ruby & Jordan Miyasaki, September 2013, Palm Springs, CA.


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Gregg's photography took a magical day and captured every last moment of beauty, emotion, and energy from it. The custom photo book that he created artistically captured the essence and told the story of our special day. He provides the premium service that your wedding day deserves.

Alex and Josh, March 2013, Cathedral City, CA.